Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jack In The NADS Newsletter

Rancho Jack's Birthday Party

A perfect day for a party.

Man of the hour.

This was Charlie the ENTIRE time! Lazy bum.

Some kids just needed a little alone time.

Vicki explaining how she missed the drinky, drinky.

Rancho clean-up crew.

Getting ready.

Enough with the singing, on with the cupcakes!

Teaching Jack the best point of attack!


All over the face.

Thank you all for coming out and spending your Sunday with us. We had a great time and hope you did too!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy #2 B-Day Jack!!

Jack didn't really trust the goats. Not sure if I did either.

Jack like the bears.

By the time we hit the carousel, I think he was done.

So we went home and had some birthday cake with grandma and grandpa. Cake makes everything better!

Friday, May 1, 2009


First came the space helmet, now comes the spaceship.