Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jack's First (Official) Haircut

Today I decided to give in and take Jack for a professional haircut rather than just doing my usual trim job. When I called to make an appointment at Kid Snips at the Oakbrook Mall, I warned the lady on the phone of Jack's intolerance for people touching his head. She just laughed and assured me that they "have seen it all". That was I all I needed to hear and went ahead and mad may appointment.

As expected, when we walked in to the chop shop, we were greeted with the wailing of little tikes unhappy with their current position. Fully expecting Jack to join in the screamfest, I tried my best to keep his attention to the wonderful world of toys all around him and away from the howls of others. Once it was Jack's turn, we were directed to the green and red choo choo train. I quickly snapped him in and put an episode of Blue's Clues on the t.v. for him to watch. To my amazement, he did nothing but keep the train on a steady course and enjoy the ride. Breaking every now and then to warm up to the neighboring mothers with a wink of the eye or a wave of the hand. Though he was a little suspicious of his barber Keisha, he didn't even cry once! Even when we were done, he just sat on his locomotive and continued to enjoy Blue's Clue adventure. Since he was so content, I asked if I could just leave him there while I go get lunch. Keisha laughed and said "Sure. No problem" but I could tell that might be asking too much. So, reluctantly, I pulled Jack from his trance and placed him back in his stroller. I gladly paid the $18 fee ($23 with tip) and went on with our day.

A BIG thank you to the wonderful staff at Kid Snips and we will definitely be back!

PS- Jack says thanks for the balloon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our New House Cleaner

He's very efficient. How many house cleaners do you know who vacuum under the desk??

Ready For His Shirts vs. Skins Football Game!

Somehow he managed to pull the shirt over himself. Quite fitting since he was wearing a football jersey.

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